The Boom Box
Tape deck, two speakers. to be carried on the left shoulder. See also, 'Ghetto Blaster'.

Our New Fantastic Packages!!!!!

Our super amazing Karaoke Rooms! (plug!)

The Rain......... Everyday!!!

Lack of SUNSHINE!!

Payday being almost a whole month away

Are you an aspiring Whitney? The next Michael Jackson? Or umming and ahhing about that upcoming X Factor audition....? Come and act like a real popstar in one of our private karaoke rooms!



The most fun you’ll have south of the river! We have 2 very special private suites, the bigger can fit up to 25 people in... So, run your own X Factor night with friends, celebrate birthdays, hen nights or simply exercise that inner popstar!


To book, simply fill out the form to the left and we'll be in touch.



Popstars Karaoke Video